Wednesday, November 24, 2010

December Music Festival - Schedule

Gayathri Venkataraghavan

SEASON 2010-11

DATE SABHA Time VENUE Violin Mridangam G / K

1-Dec BVB 7.00PM BVB Main Akkarai.Subbalakshmi Manoj Siva Anirudh-K
4-Dec Nalina Kanthi 6.30PM Janaki MGR Ranjani Ramakrishnan TanjoreKumar Nergunam shankar
6-Dec Naada Brahmam 6.30PM PS Dakshina N.C.Madav Kallidaikurichi.Sivakumar Alathur Rajaganesh-K
7-Dec Nung.Cultural 7.00PM RamaRao Padma Sankar Kallidaikurichi.Sivakumar Alathur Rajaganesh-K

12-Dec Sruthi Laya Kendra 4.00PM Venus Colony MAKrishnaswami Neyveli.Narayanan Anirudh-K
13-Dec Vani Mahal 6.30PM Vani Mahal Mys.Srikanth Manoj Siva N.Guruprasad-G
16-Dec Karthik Fine Arts 5.00PM BVB Main V.V.Ravi Mann.J.Balaji Madipakkam.Murali-G
17-Dec Music Academy 4.15PM MA BUGaneshprasad. Ganapahy Raman Umasankar-G
19-Dec Mudhra 6.00PM Infosys Hall Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi Mannargudi Easwaran Papanasam Sethuraman
20-Dec Bhrahma Gana Sabha 6.30pm Siv.Pethachi Vittal Ramamurthy Arun Prakash KVG -K
21-Dec Nadalaya-Valayapatti 4.00pm MahaswamyAdyar PakkalaRamadass Ney.Skanda subramaniam Rajaganesh-K
23-Dec Kalarasana 6.00pm RaniSeethai Hall VVSMurari Ganapathy Raman Papanasam.Sethuraman-K
25-Dec Naada Inbam 6.00pm RagaSudhaHall Ak.Subbalakshmil Tiruvaroor.Vaidyanathan Trichy Murali-G
26-Dec IFAS 4.30pm Balamandir Hall Dr.Narmada Poogulam.Subramaniam Guruprasad-G
28-Dec Krishna Gana Sabha 4.00pm KGS Padma Sankar J.Vaidyanathan
29-Dec Bharath Kalachar 4.00pm BK Auditorium Padma Sankar ErodeNagarajan Rajaganesh-K
30-Dec Pathasarathy swami sabha 6.30pm Vidhya Bharathi Charulatha Ramanujam Neyveli Skanda Subramaniam A.S.Krishnan-M


Jan 6,11 Naada suda,Velachey 6.00pm Ganapathy Sachi Padma Sankar Trvdm.Balaji Rajaram -G
Jan 8,11 Asthiga Samajam 6.00pm Amara Bharathi Ranjani Ramakrishnan Erode Nagaraj


Jan 11,11 Pammal Satsang 6.00pm Pammal Ranjani Ramakrishnan Ganapathy Raman Papanasam.sethuraman

Dear Friends, the Music season is round the corner and I am sure musicians and rasikas are busy with preparations to gear up for performing and listening.. I always feel excited about the season and feel it is one of it's kind in the world. I pray to the Almighty that all my friends have fantastic concerts and that everybody's health, voice ! and stomach(ala the canteens!) cooperates and the season is a big success again for all.

To the rasikas happy listening and hope the non residents who fly down for this gala event have a remarkable time.

musically yours
gayathri venkataraghavan

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Guruvaram

Dear Friends and well wishers , Namaskarams, It's Guruvaram and I believe it is most auspicious. This year started with a lot of Guruarul..I had multiple blessings...
Singing at the Ramakrishna Ashram for Gurumaharaj jayanthi at Coimbatore.This institution is one of the biggest(In terms of Size) in India . It supports hundreds of students and teachers..I was amazed at the attention to details from the first telephonic conversation to the thank you letter after the concerts with Photographs..Just showed the sincerity and dedication of the inmates and teachers and the Gurumaharaj there..

Then comes the oppurtunity to sing a prayer at the Vivekananda youth conference, I sang Moorthamaheswara and Jayamundu Bhayam illai of Subramanya Bharathiyar for this function..The Chennai University has a wonderful auditorium and I wish I had sung a concert there..But what a blessing to sing for this occasion..No fear when we have Guru Arul I felt..

The blessing continues....When we did a concert for The Madras Sharada Mutt for Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Jayanthi..Akkarai Swarnalatha and Erode Nagaraj accompanied me..Strangely no man is allowed in the dias here..But Mataji was kind enough to let us sing from a corner of the dias where Nagaraj was allowed to be seated, also shows the respect that a musician evokes....We may sing thousands of concerts but when sung in religious places replete with Spiritual energy, the entire mind and body is recharged..

That was a full circle really...Then came the opportunity to sing before Swami Ganapathi Sachidanandaji.Then we had a concert at P.S Senior where I sang a number of songs on Ramana Maharishi ...

We can get fame, money and oppurtunities but Sath Sangam comes only with His grace.. Also my husband went with the Mantralaya Sangeetha Samarpana Group headed by Dr.Ganesh and has been talking about the trip all the time.. I hope to go next year..

I'll try and upload the pictures of some of these concerts..

Also I'll try and blog every week...
குருஅருளும் திருஅருளும் என்றும் நிலைக்கட்டும்

With regards to all of you
gayathri venkataraghavan